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Dale Herder, OD

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Dale Herder, OD


Dr. Herder is a graduate of Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. Tennessee. He graduated in the top part of his class and has been in practice for 32 years. He is a member of the AOA, KOA, OEP, Eye Care Council, See-To-Learn, Lion's Club, and other local and national organizations.

Dr. Herder has a general family practice oriented office but also offers pediatric services, low vision, contact lenses, pre and post refractive surgery care, pre and post cataract surgery care, vision training, and diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases, as well as foreign body removal from the eye.

Dr. Herder is also a certified PACE instructor. PACE stands for Perceptual and Cognitive Enhancement. This is a program designed for children with learning disabilities and difficulties in school. It is an 18 week program with a guaranteed improvement of two years in the 18 weeks.

His favorite patient story is: "We had an optometrist friend and his wife visiting us from Texas not long after we had both graduated from school and he went to work with me one day. Well it was a busy day and we treated 3 or 4 medical situations from iritis to corneal abrasions and foreign body removals as well as the normal days examinations. We were eating supper at our house about 7 PM and I got an emergency call so I asked my friend if he wanted to go back to the office with me. He said yes and so we went back and it turned out the patient had a prosthesis and a bad eye infection behind the prosthesis. I had to remove the prosthesis and clean it (not a pleasant task) and write him a prescription for the infection. My friend politely excused himself at that time and I didn't see him again until it was time to go home. On the way home he asked me if my days were always like that and said in his town ( a big city) we just call the corneal specialist, or the retinal specialist or whoever and let them take care of it. I just chuckled and said in a small town we are the corneal specialist, retinal specialist, or whoever we need to be.

Dr. Herder attends the Baptist Church in Burlington. When not working, he enjoys fishing, hunting, travel, and participating in all outdoor sports. He and his family also have a passion for KU basketball and football and try to never miss a game.

Dale has been married to the former Denise Catherine Muscari for over 30 years. He says: "We have twin boys Barry and Brian (not identical by any stretch) that were born in 1981. Brian is a researcher for the state library in Topeka dealing with representatives and senators in the statehouse and Barry is an Occupational Therapist in Rogers, Arkansas. We also have two darling Maltipoos, Little Hoot and Sparkle.